Owner’s Representative


As Owner’s Representative, we provide comprehensive management and coordination of all project activities. Our primary job as Owner’s Representative is to ensure that each member of the Owner’s team of specialists discharges its responsibilities in a manner that serves the Owner’s overall interest. Acting as an extension of the Owner’s staff, we monitor and coordinate the efforts of all members of the Project Team in order to enable the Owner to achieve maximum value for each dollar expended.

Design and Construction Projects typically require the services of a team of professional consultants and the work of construction contractors and other vendors. Each member of the project team has responsibility only for its particular expertise. No architect, consultant, contractor or vendor shares the Owner’s comprehensive scope of interest, with the exception of the Owner’s Representative. This is the role provided by HCGC representative.

We apply our leadership skills to plan and direct the project team towards success. Our proactive approach encourages designers, contractors and vendors to work together to achieve the Owner’s quality, cost and schedule objectives. By building positive working relationships among the project team members, we facilitate timely resolution of the problems and conflicts that are intrinsic to the design and construction process.

We focus particular attention on contracts and money. While construction is typically the single largest line item in a project budget, owners enter into many other contracts for goods and services. We assist our clients to negotiate favorable business terms, and then oversee the administration of the contract and payment of monthly invoices.

Our documentation system creates a thorough and complete project record. Starting with an initial project plan that articulates the project scope, schedule and budget parameters, we create a series of clear and concise reports that monitor and track all project activities. We use these documents as management tools for the project team, as a means to communicate project progress and as components of the permanent project record.

We apply our experience with technical, business and legal issues to minimize our clients’ risk. Design and construction projects entail lengthy, complex financial and legal transactions in which claims and disputes often arise. We deal with such issues every day, and we utilize this experience to minimize the Owner’s risk by establishing appropriate business and legal relationships among the project team.

We adapt the type and level of our services to fit the unique needs and requirements of each client. Our Owner’s Representative assignments range from comprehensive management services throughout all project phases to specific tasks of short duration.



Prepare program summary document
Develop comprehensive project budget
General overall project master schedule
Develop management plan for communications and approvals

Conduct architect and consultant selection process
Review drawings and specifications
Analyze design team cost estimates
Identify opportunities for cost savings
Monitor schedule performance and identify long lead items
Expedite coordination between architect and Owner’s consultants
Conduct and document project coordination meetings
Assist with obtaining regulatory approvals
Review and prepare payment recommendations for all invoices

Coordinate review of project delivery options
Conduct contractor selection or bidding process
Conduct direct purchase vendor selection or bidding
Prepare comparative analysis of bids received


Develop and apply project control systems
Prepare cash flow projection
Establish communication protocol

Monitor on-site construction activities
Review and prepare payment recommendations for all invoices
Negotiate change order payment amounts
Expedite development of schedule recovery strategies
Coordinate activities of direct purchase vendors
Conduct and document project coordination meetings
Work to resolve disputes quickly and informally
Coordinate formal dispute resolution actions with legal counsel
Distribute monthly progress reports
Maintain project documentation

Expedite substantial completion and final inspections
Monitor correction of punch list items
Review contractor and vendor submission of all required documents
Coordinate transfer of property operation to Owner
Schedule and assist with move-in activities