Facility Services and Facility Maintenance

A smarter facilities maintenance solution is a single point of contact for all facility needs, regardless of location or the nature of the issue. At Holappa General Contracting we offer facility maintenance, repair services and personalized regional facilities management solutions. With more than 15 years of experience, Holappa General Contracting has the knowledge to devise the right plan for your situation. We utilize a dedicated account team for each client that is devoted to understanding the unique challenges of their industry as well as the client’s long and short term goals. Only by having this understanding can the special requests and program requirements be addressed in a timely and educated manner. This strategy streamlines the process for the client and reduces the amount of time, resources and costs that are required to be dedicated to executing facility programs.

Building Layout
Concrete Formwork and Finishing
Drywall Installation and Finish
Suspended Ceilings
Door and Frame Installation
Door Hardware
Structural Framing
Cabinet Construction and Installation
Flooring Installation
Raised Floors
Cleanroom Construction
Laboratory Construction
Data Center Construction
Food & Beverage